Baawre 6th June 2014 Written Update

The Episode begins with Nawab Sahab comingg to Nikumbh and letting him know that Yamini will be practicing here. He applauds Yamini. He acquaints Nikumbh with Yamini and says he is my closest companion’s child, after he kicked the bucket, I m his guardian, he is an incredible craftsman. Yamini and Nikumbh insult one another with a grin on their countenances. Jamal requests that her stay far from his gathering. They take a gander at one another. Baawre… … plays… … .. Nikumbh clears out. Yamini invests sooner or later with her Dadi. Raghavendra comes there and asks Yamini hows the show arrangements going on. She says great.

She asks how could you have been able to you like the new place. She says I have to converse with you. He says any issue. She says no, the room is little, and on way side, so much commotion. He says I will go and see myself. He converses with his mum and giggles. He says we need to go in MLA’s girl’s boutique initiation, demonstrate to me what you will be wearing. Yamini looks lost. They land at the initiation. Raghavendra meets the MLA and gets a warm welcome. The MLA Tripathi eyes Yamini and grins.

Tripathi acclaims Yamini and says we will have her on every accumulating, we will do great exposure. His little girl Neha says everything is prepared. Yamini cuts the lace. Everybody applauds. The portrayal says Raghavendra is egotistical and he didn’t see Yamini’s dreams. He is a civil constructor and needs to make a flyover, we are stressed over Tripathi. Raghavendra approaches Tripathi to orchestrate reserves for him. Neha demonstrates to a few dresses to Yamini and endowments one. Yamini says this won’t suit you. Neha demands. Tripathi comes and giggles.

He asks Yamini is the dress pleasant. Yamini says yes. Tripathi advises this to Raghavendra and says Neha outlined this for Yamini as her birthday is nearing. We will call the media and keep the capacity on that day. Yamini concurs seeing Raghavendra. Azam converses with Nikumbh and asks can the dramatization end in 15 mins. Nikumbh says its intense. Azam requests that him think around him. Nikumbh says we can make another script, call all the on-screen characters at home today evening time, we will get ready for it. Azam brings him to his telephone.

Baawre sixth June 2014 Written Update

Azam gets Shaheen’s call. She requests that him keep her versatile primed as she is advancing. Azam tries to send Nikumbh rationalizing. Nikumbh inquires as to why are you attempting to send me. Shaheen comes and Nikumbh chuckles. Azam says your telephone is extraordinary, we are not getting its parts, so it will take a few days. Nikumbh pulls his leg. Shaheen grins. Nikumbh does some shayari. He says I m going. Shaheen converses with him. Nikumbh says Azam composed this shayari and clears out. Shaheen asks Azam to say more. He says later.

She asks him not to call her, as its her sibling’s number. She provides for him her number and leaves grinning. Azam gets happy and holds his heart. He says Nikhumb did extraordinary work. Jamal shows the lobby to Raghavendra. Nawab Sahab converses with him. Raghavendra asks would I be able to see the inverse lobby, as Yamini is confronting commotion issues. Jamal shows the room and says its greater. Raghavendra requests that them give this room to him. He says I will pay twofold rent.

Nawab Sahab says Nikumbh rehearses there with his gathering. Raghavendra demands and says take 50000 development, and think work tomorrow. Nikumbh rehearses with his gathering. Nikumbh calls Rastogi and does not unite. Nawah Sahab calls Nikumbh asking would I be able to give your room to another person. Nikumbh gets noiseless. Nawab Sahab comprehends Nikumbh’s reply. Dadi comes to Yamini and converses with her. Yamini wears the dress and feels uncomfortable.

Dadi is stunned to see Yamini and requests that her transform it, Yamini says I would prefer not to wear this, however MLA talented this and requested that me wear this on my birthday. Yamini’s mum says we need everything to be beneficial for you. Yamini says father won’t get it. Dadi says accompany me, in the event that he sees this dress, he will ask you not to wear this. Dadi asks Raghu (Raghavendra) to see the dress. He takes a gander at Yamini.


Raghu does not comprehend Yamini’s issue and says she will wear this one just. Nikumbh chances upon Yamini and riches he

Nadaan Parindey 6th June 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Purab and Bebe waiting to see Purab. Everyone watch this on news. Sameer returns with anger. Nadaan parindey…………plays………………….. Sameer holds the soil and leaves it rubbing his hand in the uniform. Everyone are happy to see Sameer. Purab is shocked seeing him and thinks how did he come back. Bebe turns to see Sameer. Meher smiles. Sameer comes to Mama and hugs him. Sameer looks emotionless. He holds Bebe and she takes a sigh of relief. He says Bebe and she gets tears in her eyes.

Bebe faints and Samer holds her. He brings her home. Bebe wakes up and asks where is Sameer. He says I m here, why are you worried. Bebe hugs her. Bebe says I will not send you far again. She cries. Rabba …………..plays…………… She says I will keep seeing you. Nimmi says he is hungry, give him food. Channi says ask him food first. Bebe says I made your fav food, come. Mama says Meher will bring food, you sit. Bebe says I will make him have food with my hands. Meher says Bebe is fine seeing Sameer, happiness has returned with him.

Purab says I don’t think he is Sameer, I m alert. The captain says Sameer can’t be like before, as he was tortured for six months. Purab says but how can they leave him. He says his mum has written many letters to request them. The captain praises Sameer and says you can keep an eye on him as you live in his house. So many people gather in Bebe’s house to see Sameer. Bebe is really happy. Mama asks Bebe to let them love Sameer too.

Nimmi asks Meher to make Sameer have sweets. Sameer looks at her and turns. Meher is shocked seeing his rude behavior. Bebe says he will eat later. Everyone insists and he eats some sweets. Mangal says you made me happy. Nimmi says see he is back. Mangal says good people bring good fate, we insulted Sameer so much, its out mistake. Bebe says forget it. Balli shows a drawing. Everyone smile.

Bebe asks are you fine? Sameer says I have head ache. Bebe asks him to meet Meher, who made his come back possible. Sameeer looks at her. Bebe says Meher did all this, she made this possible, she took care of me in your absence. Everyone smile. Everyone leave asking Sameer to take rest. Nimmi and Mangal come home. Nimmi says we should be thankful that Sameer is back. She says talk to Bebe about Meher and Sameer’s marriage. Mangal smiles.

He says he came today, how can we talk, we will talk later. She laughs. He says I won’t talk to her so soon. Channi says Meher and Sameer’s marriage can bring happiness in this house. Mama agrees and says he has just come, give them some time. She says I m worried about Purab’s marriage. Mama says we will keep their marriage together.

Sameer asks Meher to drop him till his door. Meher thinks Sameer did not tell anything infront of Bebe, he is shy, he wants to talk to me in room. She smiles and thinks now he will hug me. She asks did you say anything. He says no. She asks why are you not talking to me, are you angry on me. She says thank me, as I have waited for you. He shuts the door on her face and she is shocked.

Sameer runs on the field. He confronts Purab for shooting at him.

Tumhari Pakhi 6th June 2014 Written Update

The Episode begins with Anuja asking will my youngsters recognize me. Pakhi says yes,thanks for all the support. She embraces Pakhi. Deepika inquires as to myself. Anuja embraces her as well. Pakhi says it implies you have excused us, I said there is no reason to worry at end. Anuja asks where did all great happen. Pakhi inquires as to why. Anuja inquires as to yourself, are you joyful. Pakhi says I m extremely upbeat. Anuja says let me know are you blissful for yourself. Pakhi says I don’t have any grumbles. Anuja says do you need such a friendless life. Pakhi says I would prefer not to go in my old life.

Anuja says proceed, your direction will get extreme from here, I need to return back, yet you need to proceed. She says you ought not retreat, so acknowledge Singapore offer. She says life does not give additional opportunity, please acknowledge this. Deepika says Anuja is correct, she will go her home, I will go my home after my undertaking finishes, please say yes to this offer. Anuja says you will overlook your past, don’t be frightened of simply a name. She says in the event that you don’t concur, I won’t meet my youngsters tomorrow. Pakhi says what?

Anuja tries to persuade her. Pakhi says I will think and swears up and down to her grinning. Anshuman says Delhi tickets are carried out, need to hold up till tomorrow. Pakhi tells Anuja that she has busy Singapore tickets. Deepika and Anuja move. Anshuman converses with Pakhi’s pic and says I will bring mum back, you needed this, you would have been cheerful. Pakhi says I won’t be here tomorrow. Anuja says I m cheerful for you. She embraces them. Pakhi asks Anuja to go alone to reach her youngsters and after that she will additionally reach them before taking off.

She says we will be here to welcome them. Anuja says she will make tea today. She says I m a huge cook. Pakhi says I knew this. They have an extraordinary time. Anuja says our lives will take diverse turns, cheers for our lives. They move together on music. Its night, Anshuman and Pakhi takes a gander at the moon. Ayaan comes to Anshuman. Anshuman demonstrates to him the moons and stars. Pakhi advises the same to Anuja. Anuja asks di regardless you cherish him. Saiyyan… … .plays… … .

Tumhari Pakhi sixth June 2014 Written Update

Pakhi says you are correct, I ought to go a long way from here, a long way from my old memories. Pakhi shows thee sindoor box saying she has numerous memories interfaced to it. She supposes how Anshuman used to apply sindoor in her Maang. She says I need to lose this as well, will you keep this. Anuja takes it. Pakhi says it has my sindoor. I will dependably petition God for him. Anshuman says I know Pakhi will dependably petition God for us, and in what manner would we be able to be upbeat without her. Ayaan says do great work and you will get the prize, you as of now did a lot of people great work, then you will definitely recover her.

Anshuman embraces Ayaan. Anuja says he lost you, now you esteem yourself. Pakhi nods yes and says its a vital day for both of us, goodbye. Pakhi yells and embraces her. Its morning, Anuja sits tight for her kids at Qutub Minar where Pakhi requested that them come. There is much swarm and she supposes will they come or not. Anshuman comes there. They search for one another. Anuja supposes its going to be 4pm. Anshuman says still 15mins left. He says I will call at 4pm, will she come after such a variety of years. She generally felt we abhor her, however today will she reach us. Anuja thinks don’t know will they acknowledge me or not.

They think what will they address one another. Anshuman says what will I say in the event that she asks me for what valid reason did I not stop her. Anuja supposes I was not with them in their youth, will they pardon me. Anshuman calls her and she is betraying his trust. She says no, I can’t reach him. He continues calling. She makes her telephone on quiet. She says I simply need to see him. Somebody pushes Anuja and she falls towards Anshuman. He twists to pick u[ his telephone and she favors him keeping her hand on his head. Anshuman feels his mum’s touch. Anuja sees him that she saw him before and understands he is her child Anshuman. Anshuman feels dialect of touch and reviews Pakhi’s words. He gets a pic of him and Lavanya. He takes a gander at her. Anuja begins clearing out. He says Maa and sh